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Make a difference
Creating awareness for the cause you care about does not have to be boring. From sharing dance videos to completing challenges with friends, Youmanitarian challenge feature makes it easy to discover fun ways to make a difference with your talents and get rewarded.
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Capture and share every moment
of kindness with KindClips

Breast Cancer
Scottsdale, AZ
Bone Cancer
Austin, TX
Animal Rights
Atlanta, GA
End Domestic Violence
Sarasota, FL
Phoenix, AZ
Colon Cancer
Liberty, MO
Pancreatic Cancer
Brooklyn, NY
Los Angeles, CA

Share heart warming
stories with ease

Sharing your act of kindness stories has never been easier. With kindness cards you can simply choose from a list of pre-designed templates that match your actions to share what you did.
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Signal your sustainable actions on
Youmanitarian, no matter how small

Positivity anytime, anywhere

Easily discover inspiring acts of kindness stories from other Youmanitarians directly on your good feed. Reward, encourage and support people with appropriate badges for doing good. Share inspiring photos, videos and kindness cards of your own to show your social impact.
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Reach millions of customers and stakeholders that align with your brand's value, save thousands on cause marketing campaign ads

Stay on top of your ESG compliance demands from your customers and stakeholders with a wide variety of engagement tools.
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Authentically connect with your fanbase

Educate people on issues that matter through your profile as a Cause Influencer. Explore opportunities to collaborate with brands to build cause marketing campaigns.
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Discover and nuture your donor base in one platform

Improve transparency with your donors by sharing instant field updates directly on your profile. Your donors and cause supporters can participate in your fundraising activities on Youmanitarian to help you expand your outreach.
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Make a difference with your artwork

Sell your artwork on Youmanitarian to connect with a unique audience that share your values. People can place your artwork on their product designs to promote your values and create awareness for a cause.
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Expand your awareness on issues that affect humanity through Cause TV!

Watch over 15,000 + cause videos, explore channels by cause to discover current issues happening around the world and learn how to get involved to help bring a change.
Upload awareness videos to educate people on issues
Collaborate with brands to create a cause marketing campaigns
Make a donation from the awareness page for specific issues
Human Rights
Mental Health
Higher Education

Buy, design and sell items to
promote your cause and values
on Youmanitarian CauseShop!

Grow your network on the go with unique code

Embed your unique code on your Youmanitarian shirt, business card, windshield or flyers. When people scan your code, they will automatically be added to your encourager list and join your uCharity with minimal recruiting effort.
Give your fans access to your positive world from anywhere!

Who is Youmanitarian for?

Youmanitarian aims to be the world's #1 social platform that brings people together online and offline
based on the shared mission of bulding a better world.

Everyday positive people

Showcase your sustainable actions, share positive thoughts, connect with people, create challenges,raise funds to support the causes and people you care about.

Content Creators

Showcase your sustainable actions, create challenges and fundraiser for people to complete.

Cause Artist

Design and sell your artwork on Youmanitarian to connect with a unique audience that will promote your cause through your work.


Track your social responsible actions to reference in your job resume and interview.


Showcase your social responsible actions for PR and customer loyalty improvement.


Track your social responsible actions for performance review.

Non Profit Organizations

Provide ongoing field updates for your donors to improve transparency and accountability.


Track your social sustainable actions for your voters to reference.


Track your social sustainable actions for your fans to see your community impacts
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Join your colleagues, neighbors, family and friends to change the world one post at a time on Youmanitarian!

Express your values freely using photos, text and videos without judgement. Share your daily positive actions to get encouraged. Connect with other Youmanitarians through chat to share world-changing ideas.

Your tool to create a
positive world!