How to make money on Youmanitarian

How does it works

One platform that serves as an easy-to-use operational toolkit
to connect with conscious consumers.

Reach your fundraising goals by building your fundraising campaign around an established audience that already support your cause on Youmanitarian.

SEO and

Use your Youmanitarian unique link to build your audience on-the-go.


Collaborate with brands to build a cause marketing campaigns that would align with the values of your audience on Youmanitarian.

your community

Build an authentic relationship with people and sell products to people that want to buy from the REAL you.

Discover people that want to support your business because of the cause and values you stand for.

Track your

Take your community engagement to another level using tools such as Challenges and CauseTV.

Let your encouragers show their support for your actions by rewarding you with badges.

Benefits of Youmanitarian cause influencer

Cause influencers have the tools and power to drive a positive change in the world with their contents on Youmanitarian.
Cause TV lets your create cause awareness with videos
Create Awareness

Cause TV feature

Challenges bring people together to support your cause
Bring people together

Challenge feature

Discover sustainable brands to connect with
Brand collaboration

Good feed feature

Review and endorse sustainable actions taken by brands
Review Brands

Sustainability feature

Ready to make an impact

as a Cause Influencer?